Casino Mel


More than an artist, he is an example of changing your life by simply following your dream.

“Every day you profit…you won” …words to live by from your soon to be favorite rapper… “Casino Mel.” I know “strong words” or “too high of praise” for a MC many have never heard of if any have ever witnessed an “artists” blessed with the rare ability to write timeless classics that often challenges the mind while soothing the soul the way in which “Casino Mel” does with effortless regularity.

Born Jarmel Brown Lee AKA “Casino Mel” in tiny Abbeville, South Carolina population 5,237 serves a proof that the biggest of talents can come from the smallest of places. Destined to be just another urban statistic due to a series of unwise decisions made as a youth from “trapping” to “gambling” ultimately led to Mel being incarcerated for 34 months at the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) Edgefield located in South Carolina.

Although from a small town, “Casino’s” knack for making big money be it “trapping” or “gambling” takes a backseat only to his unearthly skills on the mic. A true storytelling MC of the highest kind in the view of Hip Hop legends such as Scarface, Andre 3000, and the late greats Big L and Notorious B.I.G. explains why many music critics, magazines, blog sites, and DJs of note are proclaiming the South Carolina native as rap’s next can’t miss international superstar. As hard a worker as he is talented is most evident in “Casino’s” jaw dropping “570” show performances and counting of which he’s shared the stage with a “plethora” of Hip Hop heavyweights to include but not limited to: “Gucci Mane,” “Shawty Lo,” “Travis Porter,” “Soulja Boy,” “21 Savage,” “Blac Youngster” and the late “Bankroll Fresh.”

Entertainer personified, Mel’s uncanny ability to make onlookers feel as if he’s rapping specifically to them similar to having an intimate conversation is the magic that is…“Casino.” Throw in a stage persona that is as “electrifying” as the greatest MCs past or present and one thing becomes abundantly clear when it comes to possessing undeniable rhyme skills, this “Casino” is loaded.

Influenced most by music icons Lil Wayne, T.I., and the late Tupac Shakur represents the level of success sought by the Carolina’s most “raved” about MC…Casino Mel. Signed to arguably the south’s #1 independent record company “Five Star Empire” led by CEO and veteran music executive “Jervon’ta ‘Stunna’ Walker” are both the label and visionary entrusted with making “Mel” a household name.

Currently riding high off of the groundbreaking success of his already street classic mixtape aptly entitled “Casino My Religion” hosted by two of Hip Hop’s most celebrated personalities “DJ MLK” and hood legend “Bigga Rankin” that features the summer’s breakout anthem…“Trap Nigga” setting the stage for a once in a generation caliber artist whose best bet is to put it all on the Casino…Mel that is.


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