In the Carolinas, few things can rival the legend of “Michael Jordan,” the roar of “NASCAR,” world renowned “BBQ,” and the greatness of either “Duke” or “UNC” basketball…until now. Enter “Five (5) Star Empire Entertainment” the first full scale major independent record label to grace “North” and “South” Carolina…“EVER.”

Formed to provide the region’s vast untapped talent pool of “artists, producers, musicians, and songwriters,” etc., with a record company capable of taking their careers from “local” to “global” without leaving home is the badge of honor so proudly worn by the entire staff at “5 Star Empire.” Catering to both states equally unlike any other record label in Carolina history is what has allowed “5 Star Empire,” in a relatively short time span, to become the unquestioned leader in “detecting” and “cultivating” the areas bevy of next level talent.

Specializing in old school artist development comparable to the legendary Motown records where talents were taught the intricacies of their craft in order to master their profession is the magic that is…“5 Star Empire.” Daring to be different, the label’s executive staff has mandated that only the best of the best, in terms of undeniable talent, be considered for signing with the empire. While it’s not the intention of the label to offend any aspiring hopefuls, it should be duly noted that “5 Star Empire” is simply for the cream of the crop talents and anything less than the absolute “best” will not be permitted.

Therefore, up and coming “singers,” “rappers,” or “beat-makers” who have not put in the necessary time to have their abilities properly assessed nor do their talents possess instant star qualities…need not apply. However, for those select few that have put in the required work or whose skill set is just flat out undeniable, the following is what the empire has to offer you: state of the art recording complex, top of the line mixing & mastering equipment, award winning engineer, stellar vocal coaches, renowned choreographers, cutting edge videographers, relentless street team, well-connected publicist, proven social media expertise, Fortune 500 marketers, standard and industry Artist and Repertoire (A&R).

All under the watchful care of a veteran executive board helmed by CEO Jervonta “Stunna” Walker, CFO Jared “JJ” Brown Lee, and President Tyrone “Big Roc” Frazier whose combined industry experience tops the half-century mark.

So for all who desire a career in the music business and whose “talent” meets our rigid but fair requirements, you’ll soon discover that the record label is based on “Five” essential points—1 Star for making you feel special, 1 Star for resolving any issues immediately, 1 Star for genuine friendliness, smiles, and personality, 1 Star for getting your talents’ worth, and 1 Star for rewarding your label loyalty…which equals 5 Star Empire.